Tech Demonstrations

Immersive Live Tech Experiences

Our Demo experience will allow customers to see the Trimble data workflow from office to field for site layout, QA/QC, and data collection utilizing our Field Link software with our robotic total station layout, 3D scanners, and Connect for Hololens software. Customers can have the opportunity to try robotic layout themselves, view a 3D model in the hololens, and view 3D scanner data from one of our TX series scanners. Our experts will be happy to answer questions on Trimble hardware and software for construction and how Trimble’s integrated solutions can help save them time, rework, and money on every project.

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Providing automation tools to our increasingly limited supply of skilled craftsmen is crucial for sustaining a healthy, productive workforce that can attract the high quality apprentices necessary to meet current and future demands of the construction industry.

An interactive demonstration of our “Semi Automated Mason”, SAM 100 will show how a bricklaying crew (typically 2 masons and 1 tender) can use this robotic technology to significantly improve productivity and quality.

A similar demonstration of our MULE (“Masonry Unit Lift Enhancer”) will also be featured. This system allows users to quickly grip and lift masonry units as heavy as 135 lbs directly from a pallet, and then guide them effortlessly by hand, up to 12 feet away, into position for buttering, placement, etc. Heavy units can now be installed by 1 person, without physical strain.

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HangerWorks Hands-On Demonstration:
We will have a computer setup onsite with Revit and our HangerWorks add-in installed. Attendees can place hangers and create Prefab labels, layout points and more.

Tool Connect Hands-On Demo:
We will hand out DEWALT Bluetooth Tags to everyone that gives us a business card. We will have Bluetooth enabled tools on hand for people to connect our app to and let them play with the settings.

DEWALT Jobsite Wi-Fi:
We will have a few of our jobsite Wi-Fi units setup on site. We can walk attendees through the setup process and show them how easy it is to get connectivity on any jobsite.

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Hilti will offer a live demonstration for the following tools and solutions

  • ON!Track Asset Management
  • Hilti Plug-in for Firestop
  • Advance Layout Tools

We also have specialists on hand to discuss other solutions in the fields of Firestop, Engineering, Measuring, ON!Track and other software solutions.

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Learn about 360° cameras and experience the fastest way to document construction sites today. During this interactive tech demo you will be able to use the latest 360° cameras to document the ABC conference. Creating an interactive “street view” tour of the conference floor and share it with your teams in minutes. For this demo, HoloBuilder will provide their reality capture solution that is being used on over 12,000 construction sites today.

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VR MEWP Simulator
Our award-winning, Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) VR Simulator has been designed to build and measure operator competency on access equipment. The training content consists of 32 progressively complex training scenarios prepare operators for practical evaluations on Boom Lifts and Scissor Lifts. Practical Evaluators are able to safely train, assess, and remediate operators in practical and high-risk situations, without the consequence of injury or the costs of damaged equipment.

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